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The Top Ten Fanfic Warnings I'd Like To See:

No. 10: I’ve never seen even a minute of this series and can’t even spell the lead characters’ names.

No. 9: I vaguely remember seeing one episode over my friend's house a couple of years ago and thought ‘what the hell.’

No. 8: I scribbled this on a bar napkin after my fifth drink at 3 am.

No. 7: Any resemblance to the characters you saw on screen is purely coincidental.

No. 6: Ditto any resemblance to any breathing human being who has ever lived.

No. 5: I’m actually only twelve years old and I typed this on my mom’s computer.

No. 4: I really have no idea how people have sex so I just guessed.

No. 3: I don't brake for punctuation.

No. 2: I already wrote this for another fandom, so I simply did a search and replace for the characters' names.

And the No. 1 warning I'd like to see:

Not to be mistaken for real writing.

Date: 2014-07-15 06:53 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ditch_gospel
I like #3. As for #4, yeah, I still remember reading one of those guesses. It sounded rather painful. >_


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