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Rating and Warnings: PG
Fandom: Saiyuki
Disclaimer: Saiyuki is the creation and property of Kazuya Minekura

summary: a triple drabble on the Gojyo/Lirin pairing.


Thanks to Nii trying to be clever, the battle to take Houtou was shorter than the party afterward.

Some of the party goers are pissing directly on Gyuokumen's grave. But whatever monkeys and their keepers say, Gojyo is a gentleman. He goes further to do his business.

Rezipped, he wanders around for a bit, letting various Indian liquors settle. He sees Lirin crouched in the bushes. He thinks she's sick, and goes to help.

She's crying for her mother, and her own failure; that Gyukomen never loved her.

Gojyo goes away, quietly. He knows nobody can help with that guilt.


Next day, Gojyo feels he should console Lirin.

His first impulse is meat buns. But he doubts he can transport meat buns without Goku trouble. Besides, meat buns don't last.

He chooses white lilac, symbol of majesty and innocence. (No red flowers, ever.) They can banter about them.

She's talking to Ji – Dokugakuji. His brother and a sharp clawed woman, smiling and belonging together. An old hurt twinges. An old reflex ignores it.

With a flourishy bow, he hands her the bouquet. When she smiles at him, he wonders why that smile surprises him, and why he values it so.


No more might have happened, if Lirin hadn't been eating sweets at one time.

But, for a while, Goku has been acting all grown up. Gojyo misses the kidding.

So she gets the Gojyo version of Hakkai's healthy food lecture. This ends in Lirin challenging him to an apple picking contest in the remains of the castle orchard. (The apples are, of course, green.)

Lirin has been climbing those trees for centuries, give or take the odd hundreds year sleep, but Gojyo has a graceful sort of vertical lollop. And longer arms.

Fifty years later, they're still arguing who won.

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