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Filling of a meme kindly posted by [ profile] annachuu on [ profile] saiyuki

Readers are welcome to supplement or debate this. I'm very good at missing things, and I'd hate the talent not to be recognised.

Day 1: How many and which Minekura Kazuya works have you seen/read?
Can't remember.

Day 2: Your favourite Minekura Kazuya series.

Day 3: Your favourite male character.
Goku. ie I like Goku most. (Of the ikkou: I identify with Sanzo most (not the brains and guts and beauty, but the social ineptitude. I really identify with that!) I respect Hakkai most. I think Gojyo the sexiest. I go most fangirl over Hakaaryuu in dragon form. Goujun is fangirl-able too.)

Day 4: Your favourite female character.

Day 5: Your favourite pairing(s).

Day 6: Your favourite episode ever.
Not one in particular, especially the way Minekura weaves pasts and present together.

Day 7: Your favourite illustration.
Definitely not one in particular. Though I am tempted to say any with Tenpou, or GaidenGoku, in it.

Day 8: Your favourite quote.
Hakkai to Chin Yisou: “No matter how much this hand may be bathed in red, blood can be washed away. That's how we're going to live on.” (Thanks to the translation of [ profile] the_rotten1 , otherwise I'd just have to put 'something Hakkai said to someone sometime'.)

Day 9: Character you wish had more screen-time/better story arcs.

Day 10: Your least favourite character(s).
Gyukamon. Only partly because I dislike her. She's so tyrannical toward her own side, it's hard work to believe she woudn't have been poisoned in a week.

Day 11: You favourite villain.
Hazel, because he isn't totally. And he does have more to him than the other villains.

Day 12: Character you can relate to the most.
In the main arc, none regularly. Though, as above, I can relate to Sanzo's social ineptitude. Also to the non-smokers dealing with smokers. In Gaiden, Konzen and Goujun rather than the more determined individualists.

Day 13: Scene or moment that made you cry.

Day 14: Scene or moment that made you laugh.
When Gojyo says to the Kougaiji-tachi, “As you see, our boss is always a heartless killing machine.”

Day 15: Scene or moment that made you think.
Minekura's a miracle worker, but not that much of a miracle worker.

Day 16: Scene or moment which pissed you off.
A kitten acting like a guard dog.

Day 17: Something that happened that you wish hadn’t.
Gojyo's and Goku's girlfriends getting killed.

Day 18: Your favourite song from any of the series.
About music, got a doctor's certificate somewhere.

Day 19: Your favourite scene of all time.
Again, not one. A favourite is Gojyo and Sanzo at the cliff top. (Later edit: perhaps Zakuro's play.)

Day 20: A character you hated or disliked at first, but grew to love.
Both terms are too strong, but I like Gojyo more through the arc. He's younger than Sanzo and Hakkai, and he's growing into a very worthwhile man.

Day 21: A character you loved at first, but grew to hate or dislike.
Kanzeon Bosatsu is less sympathetic in the main arc than in Gaiden, and I think growing even less so.

Day 22: If you could change anything from any of the series at all, what would it be?
I wouldn't have Goku conscious in the cave. He could have just been sleeping until something woke him up to call Sanzo. This isn't just soft heartedness. It really strains my disbelief to have him survive all that time as well as he did.

Day 23: Favourite and Least Favourite OVA(s)
You're addressing a Manganese Fundamentalist here.

Day 24: If you could switch places with any character for a day, who would it be and what will you do?
I'd stay out of the Saiyukiverse altogether. I'm pretty sure I'd manage to get myself and perhaps someone else killed within twenty four hours.

Day 25: Which character(s) would most likely end up as your good friend(s)?
I can see Koumyou or Hakkai as a liked and respected teacher/tutor, and I think I'd be friendly with Goku. Or any of the Kougaiji-tachi.

Day 26: If you get to shag one character, who would you pick?
Hey, don't they have a say?

Day 27: What’s your opinion on her characters that smoke?
I'm agin it, but doubt my opinion's going to be asked. Hakkai's probably noticed it lessens their fighting ability, and his opinion is likely to matter.

Day 28: If you get to tell Minekura Kazuya anything, what would it be?
There's a lot of people willing you to get better. (And thanks, if that doesn't count as two)

Day 29: Would you want your future children (let’s just assume that you’ll have children) to read/watch her works?
Yes, I'd like to share it with them. Of course, when they're very young, I'd stick to the least violent parts.

Day 30: Something from her series that you will never ever forget.
Truly, I don't know what I'll remember best. One thing worth remembering is, though Kanzeon Bosatsu might be able to beat Seiten Taisei in battle, Se's vulnerable to a simple jujitsu throw.

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